Bounty Temple – Curation Notes

Liquidity and Exchange Listings:

  • The project’s token will have centralized exchange (CEX) liquidity following the Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) event, planned for the beginning of March. There will not be immediate DEX liquidity after the LBP finishes.
  • Although the specific names of the exchanges are not disclosed as per the project’s request, it has been confirmed that two CEXs are involved. This involvement was verified through participation in telegram groups with staff from these exchanges and by reviewing agreements signed by both parties. One exchange is based out of Romania, the other one is based out of Singapore.

Founder Verification:

  • The founder has completed a Know Your Customer (KYC) process, which included submitting a selfie, a clear image of his Malaysian identity card, and a photo of him holding his ID next to his face.

Market Maker Involvement:

  • A major market maker is engaged with the project. Confirmation of this involvement came through participation in the market maker’s group chat on Telegram and the receipt of a screenshot showing a document signed by Orasis Studio SDN. BHD and the CEO of the Market Making company.
  • The market maker and the project requested to keep the name of the market making company confidential until they do the official announcement.

Advisors Announcements:

Team Members’ Social Profiles:

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