Support for projects with immense potential

Get the attention of thousands of investors and increase participation in your token’s public sale. 


No downside and all the benefits of working with an experienced curator

Reach Your Target Investors

Get your token launch in front of the right communities.

Tap into My experience

Work with an experienced curator who's helped over 50 curated projects.

Market Your Launch

I run the largest mailing list for LBP investors and enthusiasts. As a curated project, you can get in front of thousands of potential LBP participants.

Peace of Mind

Vetted projects are more trustworthy for the potential participants and attract more investors.

About your curator

It can be hard to keep track of all the new token launches. With so many token launches happening everyday, it’s hard to know which ones are worth your time and attention.

This is why I built We carefully curate only the most meaningful and worthwhile projects, so you don’t have to waste your time on anything less.

Since 2021 I’ve curated over 50 projects and will continue working with the most amazing teams in the crypto space.



Reptile was amazing to work with, responsive and helpful. He provided us with all the information we needed and was quick to jump on any issues we had.
Spool Finance
Reptile Presidente is super professional and supportive when he helps curate Duet Protocol's LBP, during which he carefully and thoroughly listened to and analyzed Duet's value and propositions, and then helped coordinate one promoting AMA among Balancer community, which let the larger audience have better knowledge of Duet.

The whole efforts he devotes to all curated LBP projects, undoubtedly bootstrapped all projects' growth.

Duet Protocol
Reptile Presidente was a great partner in ensuring our token launch was a success! He provided support in helping us reach out to his network as best as possible, and was understanding and flexible when timelines changed. Very easy to work with!
Kapital DAO


Please submit your project using the form on this website. The next step will be a 30-min where you can present your project. Each project is reviewed and looked at individually. 

The curation process is free and cannot be paid for. 

It usually takes a week. Please send your submission ahead of time so that I have enough time to review it and ask questions before your launch. 

Yes, I work with selected teams and offer them marketing services to help promote their token launch.