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February 2023

‘Overnight’ stands for overnight interest rate, the interest rate one receives by lending money for the shortest duration possible – 1 night.

DIVA Protocol

February 2023


DIVA Protocol is a smart contract that acts as an operating system for derivative applications. It allows to create insurance, structured products, sports bets, conditional donations, credit default swaps and much more in a permissionless and peer-to-peer way. DIVA Protocol’s vision is to become the infrastructure layer for the $500+ trillion large derivatives industry.

Zecrey Protocol



Zecrey is an L2 private crosschain protocol based on zk-rollup. Zecrey provides a reliable and safe crosschain solution, with its security rooted in L1. And Zecrey is also a well-designed product aggregating assets and liquidity via a user-friendly plugin wallet as an entrance to multiple blockchains.